Sacha Columbia Bell, B.Des.

Sacha is a graduate of Ryerson’s School of Fashion Bachelor of Design program, with an emphasis on design theory, merchandising, production and marketing. This is Canada’s top ranked fashion academy according to the Business of Fashion and the country’s oldest curriculum. During her education, she was chosen as the school’s the top student to attend international exchange, and spent a semester studying at Amsterdam’s Fashion Institute in 2009. Sacha’s final thesis collection was chosen to open the graduating showcase, Mass Exodus.

After graduation, Sacha worked as a buyer and product developer for Bluenotes, one of Canada’s largest denim lifestyle brands. After four years at the company she moved to Philadelphia for a merchandising opportunity with Free People and then later relocated to Seattle to join Amazon as a graphic designer and creative lead.

Sacha’s ability to understand retail strategies, financial planning and customer perspective has driven her success in design and art direction. Her interests lie in working with contemporary brands, creating innovative digital experiences and telling branded stories to engage customers.

Born and raised in Toronto

Sacha will tell you that the proper word for a knit hat is a toque and that Quebec is the only decent place to find real poutine. She has a love of travel and exploration but doesn’t like the word wanderlust.

Her friends would tell you that she’s creative, super social and always starting collaborative projects. When she is not in front of Adobe, she can be found at a local ceramics studio or running around with a camera in hand. At this very moment she’s probably drinking green tea and listening to a podcast.