Amazon Digital Bookstore

The Challenge

Tasked with a re-design of Amazon’s original category, the digital bookstore has some of the highest user traffic of the world’s foremost online retailer. In partnership with the store’s merchandisers and marketing team, a new colour palette, typography style and page layout was commissioned for 2016. Over 75 employees needed to then be able to understand and be trained on the site’s new direction.

The Solution

The overall solve was to create a user experience that was consistent, approachable and seamless. As the creative lead for this storefront flip, the decision was made to leverage existing assets which allowed the bookstore to be aligned with the global brand and reduce visual clutter. Through a keen understanding of the business priorities and consumer traffic, a UX framework was initiated to create a cleaner layout. Templates introduced a familiar visual language for reoccurring promotions seen by returning customers. Once approved, training documents were created and distributed internally.

The Result

The new site launched in early spring of 2016 and was well received by designers, merchandisers and users alike. The page layout was simplified and the templates allowed for a stronger focus on product. The seasonality of the lifestyle images and colour palette made the bookstore look fresh and current.

Original Site



Colour Palette


Final Website

United States