The Challenge

Compile years worth of customer research, brand guidelines, and best practices into a formal document to be shared with our peers and cross-functional partners. Create design standards and expectations for brand communication.

The Solution

As the lead visual designer on the project, I created a cookbook-inspired concept in a digital format. From text formatting to sourcing imagery and working with our team’s UX and VX designers to best communication our standards, we created a 70-page brand book that has become integral to our design team.

The Result

The most satisfying result is creating clarity among our peers as to who our customer is, and how we can best serve their needs. From the every day to the aspirational, we sought to create the standard for grocery delivery.


Brand Ingredients

As a nod to our customer, I developed the concept of a brand cookbook by leveraging nostalgic and familiar recipe layouts. AmazonFresh doesn’t deliver the completed meal, we deliver the ingredients and more time for families to create something together.


I played with scale and emphasis to break up the monotony of a text-heavy document. To add a human element, I incorporated faux highlights and margin notes for a well-loved cookbook feel.


Working closely with our senior photo art director, we included imagery from our most successful campaigns. I also pulled stock photography that best illustrates the lighting, composition, and storytelling of our photography standards.

Final Brand Book