The Challenge

The marketing vision for the 2017 Thanksgiving & Holiday campaign was to showcase how families can spend more time together when groceries are delivered to their door. As art director for the shoot, my responsibilities included developing the concepts, casting models, and providing styling direction for each image. In addition, I partnered with UX designers to wireframe the digital storefront and oversaw the production of a multitude of design assets for the shopping experience.

The Solution

We created four lifestyle vignettes showcasing scenes of holiday meal preparation. I wanted to create food imagery that emphasised the preparation of a festive meal, instead of focusing on the final plated dish. This was meant to illustrate the service as grocery delivery, supplying ingredients rather than a final packaged meal. AmazonFresh provides convenience and speed, and I sought to show our customer how they can spend more time together when they are unburdened from additional chores during the holidays.

When casting, I wanted our models to reflect our customers. They lead busy lives and are often parents who value time-saving services so they can maximize their free time. Many of our customers have pets, so casting dogs became a very fun and necessary step in the creative process.

The Result

The final imagery featured a mother and daughter gathering inspiration, a son helping his mother in the kitchen, a family decorating cookies, and a boy anticipating treats from the oven. In addition, we partnered with talented food stylists to create mid-preparation Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner spreads to be used as the hero image for the digital storefront. We added sentimental handmade crafts in each meal preparation shot, telling the story of a family coming together for time well spent.

The photo assets were used in over 200 graphic placements that drove traffic to the storefront (Amazon cross-site advertisements, social media etc.). We created a seasonal store experience that accomplished marketing goals and generated AmazonFresh’s first holiday campaign featuring models. Customers were able to envision themselves using the service during the busiest time of year.

Photographer: George Barberis
Stylists: Rachel Grunig & Cora Brown
Food Stylist: Bridget Meyer
Apparel Stylist: Daisy Fulgham
Hair & MU: Angalina Sandoval

Art Direction

More Time Together

During the holidays, AmazonFresh helps customers spend less time shopping and more time gathering in the kitchen, creating dishes everyone loves, and connecting over meals. We want to highlight those moments that bring us together in our unique ways.

Photography Execution

  • Approachable, candid and relatable moments
  • Help customers to visualize how AmazonFresh will give them more time with family.
  • Celebrate without falling into holiday clichés
  • Emphasis on preparation instead of the final meal



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