Savannah was a side-hustle that allowed me to engage and learn about e-commerce, branding and social media marketing. As a small-business owner, I was responsible for creating the brand concept and art directing the logo and web design. I managed the financial planning and acquired merchandise, specializing in small-scale local Canadian jewelry designers.

Art Direction

The primary goal was to drive sales through social media engagement by creating unique imagery inspired by the target customer. This was achieved through collaboration with Toronto-based designers, photographers and stylists.

I Got Lost

Photographer: Marishka Radwanski  |  Model: Rae Drake  |  Stylist: Ashlie Demeo

Future Primitive

Photographer: Adam Levett |  Models: Fehn Foss & Kali’i Dixon |  Stylist: Chloe Wise

Road Trip

Photographer: Daniel Bray |  Models:Tiffany Aita & Shannon Walker |  Hair: Benjamin Tkatch  |  MU: Rhona Tkatch  |  Stylist: Sacha Columbia