Visual Design


With a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University’s School of Fashion, I’ve spent the past decade immersed in the intersection of e-commerce and design.

I’m fascinated by the evolution of retail and the¬†blend of digital and brick-and-mortar experiences. How will customer experiences and brand identities evolve as demographics change and shoppers yearn for both mobile convenience and nostalgia for the tangible and real?

Since 2015 I have been working as a visual designer for Amazon in various departments including the bookstore, the grocery service AmazonFresh and the ultrafast delivery platform, Prime Now. Each of these businesses has a digital and physical presence, and it’s my job to communicate to our customers throughout their journey.

Web & Print Design

AmazonFresh Holiday Campaign

AmazonFresh Pickup Launch Campaign

Amazon Books Illustration

Frewin Hermer Therapy Website Storefront

Photo Art Direction

AmazonFresh Holiday Campaign

‘Iridescent’ Photo Styling

Perilune Jewelry Campaign

Savannah Boutique Photoshoot Series


Sewsephine Kids Logo

Neon Doves Logo